It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

So I hear that it's a random post sort of day today?

To that end, I have some cosplay pictures to share!

At the end of May (because that's how on top of these things I am right now), I went to my local anime convention with my sister. And we did The Labyrinth!

My sister! Being a very sharp-looking Goblin King! Her wig is a little too light, sadly, but people still recognized her so it's not that bad.

You get no photos of just me because I apparently looked like I had jaundice since I'd been getting no sleep for, like, two months, and so all the pictures look awful. :( But here we both are in all our 1980s glory!

And speaking of the 1980s! How about a couple of other people's costumes that brought me right back to my childhood?
I missed him again!? (Presumably, only the Canadians will get this one)
Go, go, Gadget arm?

Also, we managed to find some maroon corduroy for my Dragoncon costume, which is awesome. Corduroy is hard to find, yo.

ILU LJ! :)
Tags: cosplay, my internet life is awesome, something completely different
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