It goes ding when there's stuff (cleflink) wrote,
It goes ding when there's stuff

clef's August Fic Challenge - Prompt Post

My writing output this year has been rather lower than I would like it to be and I have one month left of summer vacation so I am going to try to challenge myself to post one (short) story every day in August. And I would really appreciate your help coming up with things to write, denizens of LJ!

Types of prompts I'll accept:
- Timestamps
- Alternate POV timestamps (I love doing these jsyk)
- Entirely new story ideas

Every fandom on my Master List is fair game (you're also welcome to ask after others if you think I might know them).

I'll accept timestamp requests for any of my stories.

Since I don't know how many people will join in, you are welcome to give more than one prompt - just make a separate comment for each prompt, okay? And try not to overload me too much (unless you notice that you're the only one playing *wry*).

I'll leave this post up sort of indefinitely and then see what happens. Request now, think about it for a while and request later, realize on August 23 that you have a great prompt and request then, it's all good.

Tags: challenge: august fic challenge, cleflink is a shameless hussy, icon is not inappropriate, prompt post, working on it
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