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Dragon Kin 5/5

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"He's still outside," Samantha said, not looking up from replacing the bandages on Jensen's feet. Jensen could hear the nervous almost-fear in her voice as she added, "I don't think he's moved all day."

Jensen frowned. "He's not angry with the villagers, is he?"

Jensen doubted very much that Jared would hold the fact that Jensen wouldn't talk to him against the village, but he understood their worry. Human villages depended on the dragon lords' goodwill for their prosperity, especially with the threat of the harpies hanging over their heads. Protecting Jensen when Jared wanted to talk to him could definitely have been interpreted as a slight.

Samantha shook her head. "Aside from requests for food, he hasn't done anything. He just… sits there."

It had been two days.

Two days since Jared had come and Jensen had learned that Jared thought so little of him that he'd believed Jensen would abandon all of them just to suit his own whims. Two days since Jensen had told him to go and Jared had gone no farther than outside the door, where he'd apparently parked himself and refused to budge. Two days of wondering just what had happened to make even the easy things in Jensen's life go so wrong.

"Everything's healing well," Samantha said, breaking into Jensen's increasingly depressed thoughts. "It will still be some time before your feet are back to normal, though."

"Am I safe to travel?" Jensen asked, and added a hurried "by air" when her eyes narrowed at him. As much as he did not want to make the trip back to the Tree in Jared's arms, there was no way Jensen would manage to walk back and he didn't feel safe in a village this close to the Aerie.

He also really, desperately wanted to go home.

"It wouldn't make me happy," Samantha said. "But, yes, you're healthy enough to be moved. But only if you're going to be resting once you get to wherever you're going."

Jensen offered her a weak smile. "Trust me, rest is pretty much the only thing I want right now. And the healers at home will probably tie me to my bed if I do otherwise." Especially if Alaina had been telling the truth about the fact that he was… fertile, but Jensen didn't want to think about that right now. "Would you mind helping me up?"

Between the two of them, they got Jensen up and re-dressed. Samantha forcibly dressed him in one of her husband's shirts when Jensen's was found to be more hole than cloth but his trousers had been washed and were serviceable enough to get away with.

"Thank you," Jensen said to her once he was ready to go. "For everything."

"Her patients surviving is all the thanks a healer needs. But if you'd take some advice," Samantha added, in a tone of voice that meant Jensen wasn't actually being given a choice in the matter. "I think that you should forgive him."

"Because it's not a good idea to upset the dragon lords?" Jensen asked, only a little bitterly.

She gave him a knowing look. "Because you're clearly miserable being apart from him, as is he from you. And I doubt you'd be so ready to condemn him if you'd seen the face he's been wearing since he arrived."

"I'm not condemning him," Jensen protested. And then, because he apparently couldn't help himself, "What face?"

"The face that says he's just lost something precious to him and he wishes to every god there is that he could fix it."

"It's not that easy," Jensen said quietly.

"Perhaps it should be." Samantha laid a hand on his shoulder and squeezed briefly. "May Grimmet watch over you both. Are you ready to go?"

Jensen nodded and she took his hand to help him outside.

Jared was slouched in a chair right outside; when the door opened, he looked up with an expression that was so blatantly hopeful that Jensen could barely stand to look at it.

"Jens-" Jared jolted to his feet. His eyes flicked rapidly between Jensen's face and the mess of bandages holding him together, cataloguing the improvements. "I'm so sor-"

Jensen held up a hand. "Don't talk to me; I'm still mad at you. Let's just get out of here."

Jared's face creased into a frown. "What? Where?"

"Back to the Tree," Jensen said. "Or did you want to stay in an unguarded village in the shadow of the Aerie?"

Jared didn't look convinced. "I'm not sure you should be traveling."

"I've already got permission from my healer," Jensen said, with a gesture towards Samantha, who was watching silently. "And I'm sure Linsho will be eager to hear about all the tactical meetings that I overheard while I was their prisoner. The layout of the Aerie, too."


"It's perfectly safe, I can recover just as well at the Tree as I can here and I just-" Jensen sighed, breathed out slowly. "I just want to go home, okay?"

Jared's face softened. "Right yeah, of course. And you're okay if I carry you?"

"Don't have much choice do I?" Jensen meant for the words to come out neutrally, but the way Jared's eyes went bruised and wounded made it clear that he hadn't managed it. Jensen bit back another sigh. "Let's get this over with."

Jared nodded. "Right."

He stooped to hook an arm under Jensen's knees and lifted him in one smooth, easy motion. The position left Jensen entirely supported by Jared's arms, his shoulder against Jared's chest and his head at just the right height to tuck into the hollow of Jared's throat.

"Okay?" Jared asked, and Jensen nodded. "Thank you," he said to Samantha, who bowed deeply.

"My Lord Jared," she said.

"Bye," Jensen said to her, and got a fond smile in return.

Jared's grip tightened and Jensen braced himself as Jared launched them into the sky. The sun on his face and the wind on his hair felt divine after so long without, and it was only when Jensen felt himself relaxing that he realized how tense he'd been.

Jared's head bent low towards his ear. "Jensen, I-"

"I don't want to hear it," Jensen said shortly. "Not right now. Just take me home."

There was a long, pregnant pause, and then Jensen felt the brush of Jared's hair against his temple when he nodded. "Fine, okay."

He fell silent and Jensen settled gingerly into the cradle of Jared's body, hyperconscious of every point of contact as he turned his eyes deliberately towards the horizon and home.

Jensen couldn't remember another flight that had felt so long.


The Aerie was farther away from the Tree than Jensen had realized. Tired and sore of mind and body, Jensen dozed a little on the trip home. Jared never faltered, his wing beats steady and his arms holding Jensen close. Jensen felt completely safe in his arms, which was at once comforting and irksome to realize.

The Tree was a flurry of activity when they arrived; Jared must have sent word ahead, Jensen thought, because his friends were waiting for them, along with Linsho and her wingmate. Jared landed smoothly but didn't put Jensen down right away. Instead, he pulled him closer, fingers tightening their hold in a way that Jensen doubted that Jared was even aware of.

"Jensen!" a whole host of voices exclaimed, and Jensen found himself surrounded by a cluster of faces washed white with worry, remorse and relief. It was unexpected and overwhelming after so long alone, and Jensen found himself abruptly glad that Jared hadn't put him down: it gave him something to hold onto.

"That is quite enough," Linsho said. Everyone fell obediently silent and she walked forward to stand at Jensen's side. "Jensen needs rest. Jared, will you take him to his room, please? Alona, go fetch the healer."

Jared nodded. "Yes, Linma."

"I can walk," Jensen protested automatically, although he wasn't entirely sure he was telling the truth.

The faintest sliver of Jared's grin quirked towards him. "I rather doubt that," he said, and started off towards the closest staircase with Jensen held secure in his arms.

The trip to Jensen's quarters was conducted as silently as their flight back home had been, and Jensen found himself relieved when they reached their destination. Jared got him settled in the bed - and, oh, how he'd missed it - and then lingered for a moment.

And Jensen still didn't know how to deal with this. "Jar-"

"Thank you," Jared blurted, and Jensen blinked.

"For what?"

"For coming back."

"This is my home," Jensen said, harshly enough to make Jared wince. "Where else would I go?"

"No, I mean…" Jared took a deep breath. "Thank you for being strong enough to bring yourself home when I let you down. I didn't- I didn't know what I was going to do without you."

Before Jensen could react, Jared wrapped him in a hard hug that lasted all of three heartbeats before letting go and stepping back.

"I'm glad you're back," he said, before vanishing out the door.

Jensen stared after him for a long moment, wondering what in the air he was supposed to do now.


"He missed you a great deal, you know," Linsho said, in a conversational tone that was anything but.

Jensen had been back at the Tree for a fortnight and was finally at the point where moving didn't make him feel like he'd been beaten by sticks and then thrown out of a tree. In that time, he'd had more visitors than he knew what to do with, most of whom had been surprisingly willing to bring him up to speed on how the battle with the harpies was progressing.

Jared hadn't visited once.

In his absence, Jensen had been surprised to find Linsho visiting frequently, sometimes to collect Jensen's intelligence about the Aerie and the harpy forces but, more often, simply to see how he was doing and to share idle talk in a way they hadn't since Jensen was a child. Linsho never stayed long but, somehow, it was just what Jensen needed from her: a reminder that he was a valued member of this clan, and not simply something to be locked up and kept safe until it was needed.

He'd halfway hoped that they'd never get around to talking about why he needed that reassurance in the first place, but Jensen had always known that he couldn't avoid it forever.

It still didn't mean that he was looking forward to this conversation, though.

"I'd kind of hope so," Jensen said, when Linsho raised an expectant eyebrow at him. "Considering we grew up together, and all."

"He wanted to do a full-scale search of the forest, inch by inch," Linsho said, undeterred by Jensen's attitude. "There was a point where I thought he was going to suggest burning the entire forest down to smoke you out."

"Nice to know he respected my theoretical desire to be left alone."

"Jared wanted to beg you to come home," Linsho said, with a warning edge to her voice. Jensen wisely shut up. "He blamed himself entirely. There was nothing anyone could say to convince him otherwise. It was all he thought about: that he'd driven you away from your home when all he wanted to do was keep you close. Every day that passed just made it worse."

Linsho paused and Jensen was horrified to realize that the threat of tears was glistening in her eyes.

"I have watched him his entire life and I have never seen Jared like that," she said, serious as death. "He was utterly lost, Jensen, do you understand? He had no idea how to face a life that didn't have you in it. And now you're back at the Tree, and he's losing you all over again."

"So I should just do what Jared wants?" Jensen asked, in a smaller voice than he would have liked.

"No," Linsho said, to his surprise. "Jared is going to do what you want. Whatever it takes to get you back into his life. And right now that means giving you your space but…" her eyes roamed over Jensen's face, lingering on the smudges of exhaustion under his eyes, "-it isn't a great leap to say that distance is the last thing that you two need."

Jensen stared at his bedspread. He had no idea what to say.

"Jared spends most of his days in his quarters," Linsho said, without even an attempt at subtlety. "When he's not fighting, that is. I think he's trying to destroy the entire harpy army in your name."

"He could leave me a couple," Jensen muttered, and was beyond shocked when Linsho nodded.

"I do believe he could. It's quite clear that you are just as competent a fighter as any dragon lord." Her expression turned briefly sorrowful. "It grieves me that I ever thought otherwise of you, Jensen."

Jensen shifted, discomfited by the almost-apology. "Linsho…"

"I want you to rest for another few days, at least," she continued. "After that, however, you have more than proven your right to join the attack forces."

"I- thank you, Linsho," Jensen stammered.

She waved him off and got to her feet. "When your wounds have finished healing - and I mean properly - come see me. Until then, I shall leave you to yourself. Farewell."

"Linsho," Jensen called after her, and she turned to look at him past the curve of her wing - cobalt and gold, just like Jared's. Jensen wondered if Jared's hatchlings would be the same. "What does it mean to be dragon kin?"

Unexpectedly, she smiled. "I suggest you ask Jared. He's the one who most owes you that answer. You wanted to choose what to do with your own life," she continued, while Jensen puzzled over that. "Here's your chance, Jensen. I suggest you choose wisely."

Jensen sat alone in his room for a long time after she left.

Then he went to find Jared.


Jared wasn't in his room.

Jensen, who had let himself in through the window, sat down on the ledge with a graceless thud. He stared around in complete shock for a few moments, then huffed out a little laugh. "Typical," he said to himself. "I finally get up the guts to talk to him and he's not even here."

Thwarted by Jared's absence, all of the nerve that Jensen had mustered for this conversation wilted. It was almost enough to make Jensen turn tail and go back to hiding in his room, except he'd done enough agonizing over this. And after the difficulty he'd had in even convincing himself to come to Jared rather than the other way around, Jensen was damn well going to see this through. For both of their sakes.

So he climbed down off the windowsill and settled gingerly on the bed to wait. Somehow, despite all the time he'd spent trapped in the Aerie, Jensen couldn't help but feel that it was about his turn.

It was either an instant or an eternity later when Jensen heard the doorknob turn, sudden and loud in the silence. He lurched to his feet in a sudden fit of nerves and, when the door opened to reveal Jared on the other side, Jensen couldn't help but stare. First of all, because he'd never seen Jared use a door when there was a window handy, and secondly, he'd never in his life seen Jared look so worn down. His face looked haggard and drawn with some terrible combination of exhaustion and sadness. There were dark circles under his eyes and the defeated slump of his shoulders made his wings lie awkwardly and unattractively against his back. His glaive was hanging loosely from his hand, blade tipped carelessly towards the ground in a way that would have got Jared in serious trouble from Jeff, and the haft looking in very real danger of slipping out of his fingers altogether. Jared wore his armour like it was at once crushing him into the ground and the only thing keeping him from flying to pieces.

Jensen's heart twisted at the sight of him.

Jared didn't look up until after he'd rid himself of both glaive and armour and left it all in a careless pile by the door. When his eyes finally lifted, they caught on Jensen fidgeting by the bed and he did a startled double-take. "Jensen?"

Jensen offered him a weak smile. "Hi, Jared."

"Hi," Jared echoed, and they both stood there in silence for a long, awkward moment.

It didn't take a genius to know that Jared wasn't going to make the first move, so Jensen gave Jared another smile and sat down on the bed. "We need to talk. Come here, okay?"

Jared was at his side in a heartbeat; Jensen listened to the creak of his wings as he sat down and the sound was familiar enough to make a lump rise in his throat.

The hollow look in Jared's eyes was being washed away with what looked like genuine anguish. "Jensen, I'm so sor-"

"No," Jensen said, and cursed himself when Jared bit his lip hard, his expression turning bruised. "Fuck, no, I didn't mean it like that. I just-" He took a moment to organize his thoughts, fighting to keep on track. "I have some things I need to ask you first."

"Anything," Jared said immediately.

Couldn't have said that earlier, Jensen thought dryly. He took a deep breath. "Okay. Let's start with the easy question. Why am I mad at you?"

Jared swallowed. "Because I didn't come and rescue you?" he tried, not sounding all that convinced.

"Because you believed that me being mad at you would make me abandon the entire clan without a word," Jensen corrected, still bitter despite his best intentions.

"That's not-"

"Yes it is. Do you really think so little of me?"

"No!" Jared said, and flushed when Jensen arched an eyebrow at him. "I mean, well, not exactly-"

"Oh, take your time," Jensen said, while Jared failed utterly at saying anything. "I've got nothing to do but sit around and heal for at least a few more days."

Jared's eyes jumped to the various bandages and scratches covering Jensen's body and went immediately wet with guilt. Jensen was irritated to discover that his vindictive satisfaction had a little kernel of compassion inside it; even now, it seemed, he didn't like seeing Jared unhappy.

"Still waiting," Jensen reminded him, when Jared seemed to get distracted by the staring.

"I didn't know what to think," Jared said finally. "You'd just been so angry. You wouldn't even look at me and you told Linma that you were going to leave because you didn't want to be my…" Jared's cheeks went pink, "my wingmate."

"At which point she told me that she'd have me dragged back by the hair if I tried it," Jensen said.

Jared nodded. "I've never seen her so mad than when we found you gone. But none of the search parties could find you and then the harpies started moving faster so Linma had to stop the search so that we could deal with them and I couldn't cover as much ground on my own, especially since we had so much fighting to do, so-"

"You kept looking for me on your own?" Jensen almost didn't recognize the voice as his own; he didn't think he'd ever sounded so vulnerable.

"Of course," Jared said, as though it was obvious. "Jensen, I- of course I was."

"Even though you thought I left you?"

Jared's hair swung to shield his face as he ducked his head. "Well, I was kind of hoping that I could convince you to come home. You wouldn't have left forever, right?"

"I wouldn't have left at all," Jensen reminded him, but it was softer than before. "Didn't it even occur to you that it might not have been my idea to leave?"

"I was a little distracted," Jared said, a touch defensively. "And it wasn't like it was obvious that you'd been kidnapped."

"Did Alaina, er, the harpy queen really not mock you about it?" Jensen asked curiously. "She made it seem like that was all she did in battle."

Jared shook his head, a snarl furrowing his brow. "I wish she had. I would have torn her apart."

Jensen sat back, thinking it all through and not finding Jared's explanation as wanting as he had expected. "Huh."

"That's your thinking sound," Jared said, going from homicidal dragon to kicked puppy in an instant. "Does this mean you forgive me?"

"More than I did," Jensen admitted, and it was almost painful to watch Jared's face light up. "But you've still got to answer the hard question."

"Right, sure, what did you want t-"

"What does it mean to be dragon kin?" Jensen interrupted and Jared recoiled like he'd been slapped.

"Where did you-"

"The queen of the harpies told me," Jensen said crisply. Jared's mouth closed with a snap. "So thanks to you and Linsho for giving her something else to mock me with."

Jared's eyes darted towards the window as though he was contemplating throwing himself out of it to avoid this conversation.


"I, uh, don't think I should really be-"

"Jared," Jensen said again, with a growl of his own. "I single-handedly rescued myself from the entire harpy Aerie because you were too busy having your feelings hurt to realize that I would never leave on my own. I think I deserve to know just why they decided to kidnap me."

Jared's entire body sagged in defeat. "Okay, okay." He ran his fingers along one of his horns like he always did when he was nervous. "Dragon kin are, well, they're mostly human and a little bit dragon, probably through some ancestor way back no one remembers."

"And I'm one of them," Jensen said, not quite a question.

"Yeah," Jared said. "I don't really remember, but Linma says that it was obvious as soon as you and I met. That's why she brought you to live with us," he added, more quietly, as though Jensen might not want to hear him. "Dragon kin are very rare and very valuable."

Jensen digested that for a moment. "Because we can mate with dragons," he said, testing out the idea.

Jared nodded.

"And…" Jensen had to try more than once to get the words out, "Bear children. Even me."

Jared had gone pink again. "Yeah."

And Jensen had known this was coming, but it was still a punch in the gut to hear it from Jared. Some part of him had still expected Alaina to be lying.

"Jensen?" Jared asked, his face heavily creased with worry and contrition.

"When did you find out?" Jensen asked. "About… me?"

"When my horns started growing," Jared said, tentatively, like he wasn't sure that was the right answer. "Because all of the other drakes were pairing off with the women and all I wanted was you."

To his horror, Jensen felt his cheeks warm. "Oh," he managed.

"So I talked to Linma." A brief smile flicked across Jared's face as he looked down, talking more to his knees than to Jensen. "I was so worried, Jensen, because I thought she'd tell me that I couldn't choose you since I needed to have offspring. But instead…"

"She told you that I'm dragon kin," Jensen finished and Jared nodded. "You never tried to court me."

Jared shrugged helplessly. "I was waiting for… fuck, I don't even know. For the right time to tell you, I suppose."

"That worked out really well," Jensen said, though not unkindly.

"Yeah, not really. I was afraid," Jared admitted, with a heavy sigh. "You never showed any interest in courting and I didn't want to take Linma's word for it that you cared the way I cared."

"Jared-" Jensen started, but Jared was still talking.

"I was so afraid that you'd say no, Jensen. Absolutely fucking terrified of it. That's why I didn't say anything." Jared lifted his head and his expression was absolutely desolate as he added, "and now, with everything that's happened, I guess I was right to be afraid."

Jensen couldn't help it: he laughed.

"What are you talking about, you utter imbecile?" he asked, while Jared gaped at him, looking shocked and betrayed. "By Xos, even a blind bat would have noticed that I had no interest in courting anyone because I was interested in you. Bird brain."

Jared appeared to be having trouble computing. "I, you- what? But you rejected me!"

"You said that I belonged to you! That's not the same thing as asking me to be your wingmate! I might be dragon kin, Jared, but I'm not an object."

"I know that!" Jared protested, flushing with a strange mix of embarrassment and something else that Jensen couldn't name. "I never meant to make you think that I- fuck. You're not doing this because Linma said you have to?" he asked warily.

Jensen rolled his eyes. "Where do you even get this stuff? I love you, dumbass. I'm in love with you." He faltered a little, sounding more hesitant than he would have liked when he added, "I'm hoping that you still feel the same way."

"I- yes," Jared said, dazed but still heartbreakingly honest. "I really do. And wow, this is not the conversation I thought we'd be having. You… really want to be my wingmate? Even after everything?"

"Yeah, well, I'm not exactly happy about it right now," Jensen said gruffly. "Since I still mostly want to punch you in the face, yell at you until I pass out and then wake up and start yelling again, but it was always going to be you." He reached out and pressed his hand on top of Jared's. "It's only ever been you."

"Jensen," Jared said wonderingly. Jensen only had a moment to think that it was a good look for him before Jared leaned in and kissed him.

It was artless and messy and Jensen had no idea what he was doing either so it probably wasn't anything even close to a good kiss, but it still felt electrifying and almost terrifyingly right. Jensen made an embarrassing noise deep in his throat and arched into the hands that were suddenly on his hips, encouraging the touch.

"Jared," he panted. "Oh, wind, Jared-"

"Yes," Jared answered. "Yes, yes, always yes."

Jared's hands ran up Jensen's sides, taking his shirt with them. Jensen shrugged obligingly out of the shirt, and was affected more than he probably should have been by how carefully Jared navigated around his injuries. Then he decided that this was an unfair balance of nakedness and reached out to do something about it. Jared was more than happy to help.

Their clothes vanished in snatches of awareness until Jensen found himself naked save for the bandages, skin-to-skin with Jared. Jared was hot and hard against him as Jensen let Jared press him back into the bed. His scales were glass smooth under Jensen's fingers and Jensen ran his hands restlessly up and down Jared's arms, marveling at the way the texture contrasted to the rougher warmth of Jared's skin.

"Jensen," Jared gasped against his mouth, between deep, drugging kisses. "Oh, Xos, I've wanted this so long."

"Should've said something," Jensen said breathlessly.

Jared pulled back enough to look at him, his eyes dark with heat. "Can I have you?"

A shiver ran down Jensen's spine at the hungry timbre of Jared's voice. "Fuck, yes, do it. Just don't-"

Jared's tongue darted out to lick the sweat pooling in the hollow of Jensen's throat and Jensen keened.

"Don't - haaah - don't think this means I forgive you."

"Mine," Jared hissed. His fingers dug into the meat of Jensen's hips, hard enough to make Jensen's breath punch out in a pained little gasp. "My pretty wingmate." He ground down into Jensen, his cock painting a searing line against Jensen's belly. "Get you all swollen with my brood, show everyone."

Some small corner of Jensen's brain that wasn't completely focused on his dick snagged on those words. He wrapped both hands around Jared's horns and yanked him until they were eye to eye. "You and your dragon spunk knock me up before I get a chance to help kill those bastards and I will end you," he warned.

Jared gave a strangled laugh. "Don't worry," he said, sounding something between his usual self and this mating-frenzy version. "I need to be in season for you to take."

And Jensen didn't know what that meant, but he would deal with that later. Right now, he wanted to see Jared stake the claim that he'd promised.

Between them, they fumbled through preparing Jensen: Jared's long fingers petting Jensen's tongue while Jensen got them good and wet with saliva, Jared muttering nonsensical reassurances while Jensen panted around the awkward intrusion of Jared's fingers inside him, Jared stretching him slowly and carefully even after Jensen started cursing him and demanding that he hurry the fuck up already.

"Please!" Jensen begged finally, halfway to tears with arousal. "Jared!"

"Wingmate," Jared hissed, punctuating the word with a short jab of his fingers.

Jensen's whole body arched. "Yes, fuck, wingmate, my wingmate, my Jared, would you please-"

Jared's fingers pulled out abruptly enough to make Jensen groan, and the hot, wet weight of his cock pressed between Jensen's cheeks.

"Yes?" Jared asked, wild-eyed and clinging to his self-control by the skin of his teeth.


Jared's cock punched home and they both roared, Jared in triumph and Jensen in pain so sweet it felt like pleasure. Jared immediately set a relentless pace; his hips pistoned sharply, sliding the full length of his cock in and out of Jensen's body like he was trying to forge new space inside him and remold him according to Jared's desires.

Every not-quite smooth glide of Jared's cock burned as it stretched him, and Jensen's body twitched and jerked with the conflicting sensations of too much and not enough. He was making noises, Jensen registered dimly, gasps and whimpers and groans that sounded more animal than human.

Pinned fast under Jared's weight and the rapid snap of his hips, Jensen could do nothing but lie there and take it, his hands clamped tight over Jared's shoulders and his breath escaping in helpless little 'uh, uh, uh,' gasps.

Jared growled out a garbled sound that might have been Jensen's name and one of his massive hands wrapped around Jensen's leaking cock. Jensen hissed at the contact and Jared flashed him a breathless, feral grin as he worked Jensen's cock at a speed that was just this side of painful.

It was enough. Jensen felt every muscle tighten as he tumbled over into orgasm and yowled when it made Jared's cock feel even bigger inside of him. Jared snarled out Jensen's name again, his thrusts growing erratic and shallow. His hips pumped forward three times, four, and his roar when he came was loud enough to shake the walls. He ground in hard, hips jerking in small circles as he emptied himself into Jensen and Jensen lay there, hands fallen limp at his sides and eyes wide with the shock of sensations rolling through him.

Jared pulled his cock out without warning and Jensen hissed at the unexpectedly sharp sting of its withdrawal. He felt loose and wet down there, but didn't have long to dwell on the strange sensation before Jared collapsed on top of him, nuzzling into Jensen's neck.

They both lay there panting for several long, breathless minutes, before Jensen returned enough to his body to realize that Jared was really fucking heavy, and he shoved at him until Jared rolled away to land beside him on the pallet instead.

"Alright?" Jensen asked him, brushing a hand through Jared's sweaty hair and curling a few fingers around one of Jared's horns.

"My Jensen," Jared mumbled, busy pressing sloppy, open-mouthed kisses to Jensen's collarbone.

"Yes, yes," Jensen said, feeling tired and pleasantly used. He'd make Jared get up in a moment and clean them both up, after which point Jensen was planning on sleeping for a minimum of eight hours. Then he was going to wake up Jared and they'd do it all over again, before Jared went off to fight and Jensen concentrated on getting his strength back as soon as possible.

And then he and Jared were going to bring unholy vengeance unto every harpy they could get their hands on. Together.


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