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The further adventures of... me!

Hello, denizens of LJ! How's it hanging?

I was at Dragoncon last week! It was pretty awesome!

I could definitely go on about this forever, but I'm going to limit myself to a few things.

Thing 1! People in Atlanta are really nice. I mean, like, really nice. Almost suspicious nice. People go on about the politeness of Canadians, but I have to say that Southern hospitality a) is not a myth and b) has us beat hands down. It was also awesome to see how proud everyone clearly was of their city.

Also, Atlanta is totally not as hot as I was expecting. The mugginess sucked, but heat-wise it was pretty much the same as it is here during a warm summer, which is impressive when you consider that I live 1500 km further north. Weather!

There were not nearly as many people dressed up as I was expecting. Don't get me wrong, there were lots of costumes, but percentage-wise there are a lot more people in costume at Anime North, I think. It also seems somewhat polarized between people who want to attend panels and etc (not in costume) and people who want to stand in the Marriott and wait for people to take their pictures (in costume). Some of the costumes were absolutely spectacular, though, and I enjoyed the variety of things people dressed up as. My friend and I went on a Doctor Who scavenger hunt and managed to find 12 of the 13 doctors (we still love you, even if you're underrepresented, Pertwee!).

The parade was super fun. I would love to do that again, with a prop next time.

My costume mostly worked! I want to rework some of it and wear it again at Anime North, because it wasn't really as done as I was hoping. I was Bilbo Baggins and I was aiming for his costume sort of mid-Desolation of Smaug, which meant that the costume needed to be beaten to hell. I want to spend more time weathering the fabrics and I need to buy a costume dirt that isn't so red as the one I got because it kept blending in with my skin tone. Also, the beautiful prosthetic feet I made didn't adhere properly to my skin, so I couldn't wear them (beyond frustrating!), and the sandals I made for my backup broke so they were covered in duct tape to try and hold them together. There's always something. It still looked pretty good, though! And my alternate technique for making hairy feet was quite successful, if I do say so myself. :)

Ta da!

The panels and guest talks that we visited were all really good, but it's absolutely impossible to do even a fraction of the stuff on offer. There is so much happening at this convention, it's awesome. Regarding famous people, the short list version is that Adam Brown is freaking adorable and I could listen to Karl Urban talk all day. I saw several other people too, so feel free to ask if you are interested.

TL;DR: Would definitely go again if it didn't cost so freaking much. I really need to work harder on becoming independently wealthy.

I do still intend to complete all the prompts I have been given, albeit at a slower pace since school has started, with one notable exception. I've got several requests for more in the Learn to Glow verse that actually overlap with the theoretical sequel that I've been making noise about forever, so I've decided to use that as the kick up my ass that I need to write the thing. So that will be coming sometime this year as well (and hopefully my August prompters are not too put out about this). I am also attempting samdean_otp for the first time, so here's hoping I can get that draft submitted before the deadline. \o/

Also, was anyone interested in having another movie watchalong that people actually participate in? If so, let me know what you might like to see!

That's mostly it from me. How are things with all of y'all?
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