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As most of you are probably aware, there has been a recent rush of concern about fanfics being listed on Goodreads without the permission of the authors. I was one such author, and so I emailed Goodreads to ask them to remove my stories from their site. The company was very good about it and, as of this morning, my stories are no longer listed on Goodreads. Yay!

This post is a request to anyone who added my stories to Goodreads to please NOT DO IT AGAIN. I appreciate that, by putting my work in the public domain, I am leaving myself open to people doing what they want with it, regardless of my wishes, but I hope that you will be willing to respect my rights as the author of these stories.

I am not comfortable with my works of fanfiction being listed on a site that is primarily for published, original work.

I have several stories that I genuinely wish to adapt for original fiction one day and I do NOT want the existence of the fanfic versions so easily discovered by non-fandom people.

If you do like my work and want to keep track of it, there are plenty of fandom-specific options: friend my LJ account; subscribe to my AO3 page; start your own pinboard or delicious account and use to it bookmark all of your favourite fics.

PLEASE don't list any more of my works on Goodreads. And please listen to anyone else who says the same about their own work. Keep it in the fandom, folks.

Thank you.
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