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FFVII (Zack/Cloud) - In the Country

Okay! So first off I'm not dead, just making a good run at it. (read as = school is kicking my ass liek woah) There will hopefully be some actual content going up here in the next little while as I get things under control in RL. If nothing else, I've signed up for this round of springkink so there will be fic for that come hell or high water.

In the meantime though, have some pron!

Giftfic for ciceqi who had both a bad day and a concussion the other day and asked for porn to cheer her up. And we all know that porn isn't exactly my forte, but here goes anyway!

Title: In the Country
Pairing: Zack/Cloud - FFVII
Rating: NC17 for fluffy nookie

Zack just likes to get away from it all, sometimes. Rough.

Sometimes it was nice just to get out for a while – requisition a bike, grab Cloud by the scruff of the neck and head for the nearest horizon before anyone found anything responsible for them to do. And it wasn’t ever that hard to find a quiet field somewhere, green and alive and blessedly people-free, as far removed from the dark grimy mess of Midgar as a full tank of gas and a SOLDIER’s disregard for normal things like speed limits could get you.

Zack hummed contentedly, basking in the warmth soaking into his skin as he sprawled shirtless in the sunshine. The sky overhead was blue, material bright and beautiful, with only the faintest dustings of puffy white clouds to break up the sun’s steady regard.

Not that he was all that interested in watching those clouds drift, though. Not when the Clouds on the ground were so much more fun to look at.

“Zack,” Cloud panted, eyes bright and hair a shade darker where it clung to his sweat-sheened face. His hips were thrusting helplessly into the firm grip of Zack’s hand, fingers digging hard into the grass on either side. “Gods, Zack…”

“Good?” Zack purred, bending to graze his teeth lightly across Cloud’s neck.

Cloud groaned, hoarse and hungry, and Zack had to take a moment to remind himself to slow, to do this right.

They had escaped for the day, after all, and it wasn’t a day for rushing.

Still, his chuckle was just the faintest bit breathless as he reached up, free hand ghosting gentle caresses over Cloud’s bare chest. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

His body followed his hand upwards, and he stretched up on his knees until he was crouching low over Cloud instead of back on his heels, the faintest whisper of air between them as his tongue traced the swirl of Cloud’s ear. The grass was cool against his forearm as he braced himself, eyes level with Cloud’s. His other hand kept up its steady pressure, knowing intimately just how hard or soft to go to keep Cloud thrumming on the edge.

“D-damn it, Zack,” Cloud’s voice was thin, breathless. “T-tease…”

“You love me for it,” Zack countered, fingers brushing through the dishevelled strands of Cloud’s hair and twining it with the grass, busy admiring the contrast between blond and pale, living green.

Cloud groaned again, a wordless babble of needy sound, tipping his head back to catch the tips of Zack’s fingers in a playful nip. One bite turned into two, then Cloud’s tongue darted out to taste and Zack’s breath sucked in sharply.

He watched avidly as Cloud drew his fingers in with agonizing slowness, cradling them in the wet warmth of his mouth and laving them with languid, intoxicating caresses of his tongue. A flash of blue as pretty as the sky caught Zack’s eye and he dragged his attention away to find Cloud eyeing him with a mixture of amusement, fond hunger and wordless challenge.

Zack couldn’t help a grin. There was something undeniably sexy about a Cloud who gave as good as he got.

Cloud didn’t cease his ministrations when Zack leaned in, though his breath hitched at Zack’s first slow, wet kiss to the corner of his mouth. A low murmur rumbled at the back of Cloud’s throat when Zack dragged his tongue over Cloud’s swollen lips and his own fingers in the same breath, and his eyes practically rolled back in his head when fingers stretched wide to let Zack’s tongue dart between. The shred of tearing grass clattered around them, the smell of loam sharp on the air as Cloud’s dirt-stained hands clamped hard on Zack’s shoulders.

But Zack didn’t linger long, and Cloud whimpered at the loss when tongue and fingers suddenly pulled free, leaving off their teasing to track lower.

Cloud kept up a steady litany of curses and wordless moans as Zack made his way down, hands clenching rhythmically on Zack’s shoulders in time with the cant of his hips.

“Nnngh,” he mumbled, head thrashing. “That’s good, oh Ramuh...”

“Zack,” Zack corrected, in between slow, open-mouthed suckles at Cloud’s chest that were sure to leave marks. “But I guess I can’t complain too much about being compared to a god.”

Cloud’s breathless laugh was cut off with a startled hiss as Zack’s roving tongue swiped at a bead of precum at the head of Cloud’s cock, and fingers tightened warningly on his shoulders.


“Mmm,” Zack murmured contentedly, hands leaving off their exploration of Cloud’s chest to cradle Cloud’s hips carefully in the flattened grass. He shifted back on his heels, settling comfortably between Cloud’s bent legs.

He glanced once up the line of Cloud’s body, extremely gratified to find Cloud blinking back at him with the dazed, ‘oh shit that’s good’ face Zack liked best. He grinned. “Ready, babe?”

He leaned forward without waiting for an answer, hands pressing firmly down as he swallowed Cloud’s cock to the root.


Cloud’s whole body jerked, hands shifting to bury themselves urgently in Zack’s hair. Zack relaxed his throat and let Cloud in, enjoying the sharp tang of salt and the solid weight of Cloud’s cock against his tongue. The smell of grass and dirt was mixing with musk and Cloud and sex, and Zack growled low in his throat, cock jumping in his pants.

He yielded easily to the flex and tug of Cloud’s fingers, feeling Cloud’s muscles shivering under his hands as he tried to rock into Zack’s mouth, came closer and closer to the edge.

“Un,” Cloud’s eyes were fever bright as he blinked down at Zack, the colour high on his cheeks and his hair a hopeless tangle. “Zack,” he panted, warning. “I’m going to… I can’t…”

Zack purred at him, tongue brushing firmly against the veiny underside of Cloud’s cock and Cloud lost it all at once with a shuddering groan. Warmth flooded his mouth and Zack drank in the taste of Cloud, tongue milking Cloud’s cock eagerly as his eyes watched the quiet, almost pained expression that etched across Cloud’s face as he came.

Then Cloud slumped bonelessly back into the grass, heavy eyed and content. Zack took his time cleaning the last traces of Cloud’s essence from his skin, grinning with his eyes at the way Cloud’s body twitched in response, too soon yet to be quite so interested in the way that felt.

“Zack,” Cloud murmured, almost a benediction, and Zack shifted up to catch his lips in a slow, unhurried kiss.

“Mmm,” he smiled as he pulled back, well aware that the expression was more than a little smug. “I just love the country – don’t you?”

Cloud rolled his eyes at him. “I’m not sure it’s the country you’re so happy about right now.” A pause, and Cloud’s tone was almost accusatory as he added, “Although I notice you’re still wearing your pants.”

His grin was probably bright enough to register it as an independent light source. “Why, what do you know?” Zack answered cheerfully. “So I am.”

A squiggle and some more crushed grass and he was the one on his back, Cloud’s legs warm and bare against his sides and slim hands pressing lightly against the skin over Zack’s heart. Zack leered up at him. “You want to help me out with that?”

Really, you couldn’t go wrong with a road trip. No missions, plenty of sunshine, good company and at least another good three hours before they had to head back again.

And Cloud chuckling, completely unselfconscious as he leaned slowly down to claim another one of those slow, languid kisses.

Zack couldn’t help a smile. He really loved the country.


Tags: challenge: gift fic, fandom: ffvii, pairing: zack/cloud
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